Prince Harvey is a NYC based artist, musician, and producer most famously known for recording his first album in an Apple Store. Harvey spent most of his childhood on the tiny island of Dominica where he started writing songs at the age of 8, influenced by late 90s rappers. At 14, his family moved to New York and since then he has been composing and producing alternative hip-hop music, praised by both mainstream and underground audiences. In 2017, he released an EP called Golden Child, followed by STAY BOLD: 100 DAYS 100 SONGS, where he premiered a new song everyday for 100 days as a protest against Trump.

Harvey's music has been featured in The New York Times, Noisey, Billboard, VICE, The Daily Beast, The Guardian, The Fader, and Afropunk among many others. Upon, release of his first album, PHATASS, he was mentioned by major music and news publications, as well as celebrities like Lil Wayne, Russell Simmons and Talib Kweli. 

Harvey has performed nationally and internationally in venues such as 3Hd Festival (Berlin), Silencio (Paris), Via Festival (Pittsburgh), SXSW (Austin), Influencers Fest (Barcelona). Recently he finished two major funded artist and music residency programs at Harvest Works (2018), Denniston Hill (2019) and was the recipient of Open Call program at The Shed (2018-2019) where he has been developing a series of albums and films in relationship to anti-queer rhetoric in Caribbean popular culture, childhood trauma, and volience. In Summer 2019, Prince Harvey released the EP SSICC (an acronym for Some Samples I Couldn’t Clear).